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[求職揭秘]Entry Level 為何要3-5年經驗?3個HR不能說的原因


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您曾經遇到過入門級職位需要3-5年經驗嗎?這是一個讓許多求職者哭笑不得而又困惑的趨勢,不少求職者可能會認為HR 打錯字,或是公司要求離地,但其實背後有更多HR不能說的招聘邏輯。

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儘管工作經驗通常被視為工作表現的重要因素,但此觀念與研究數據卻存在矛盾。Harvard Business School的一項報告分析了81個職場研究,得出結論指出工作表現與工作年資之間沒有明確的相關性。然而,許多管理層仍然相信有經驗的候選人表現更好。所以HR 在招聘時只好違背邏輯,以順應管理層要求,把入門級職位設定在不合理的年資,以尋找不太可能存在的候選人。

作為求職者,看到入門級職位要求多年經驗可能讓人沮喪。然而,了解這個要求背後的原因可以幫助您更有效地應對就業市場。要知道,求職廣告上的經驗要求多是 HR 招聘政策要求,而不一定是請人準則。著重在CV展示您的可轉移技能,展現您的潛力和適應能力,您自然可以在競爭中脫穎而出,獲得您應得的工作。


Why Entry Level Requires 3-5 Years of Experience? 3 Reasons HR Can't Tell You

Have you ever come across an entry-level job posting that requires 3-5 years of experience? It's a perplexing trend that has left many job seekers scratching their heads. In this article, we delve into the reasons behind this shift and shed light on the truth behind the hidden hiring logic behind entry-level positions.

Covering Selection Biases: 

In an effort to avoid potential discrimination claims, companies often list numerous job requirements to create the illusion of high standards. By doing so, they protect themselves legally and maintain control over the hiring process. While this approach may seem unfair to job seekers, understanding this strategy can help you navigate the system effectively. Don't be discouraged by the extensive list of requirements; instead, focus on showcasing your skills and abilities that align with the core competencies of the role.

Turning Down Internal Hires: 

While internal hires generally outperform external hires, there is a catch. If an internal hire doesn't meet expectations, it becomes challenging to part ways due to existing relationships and loyalty within the company. On the other hand, external hires can be easily dismissed during their probationary periods. To mitigate this risk, companies often impose seemingly unreasonable requirements for job postings, making it difficult for internal candidates to meet all the prerequisites and ultimately allowing the company to justify selecting an external candidate.

The False Belief in the Value of Experience: 

While experience is often considered a significant factor in job performance, studies have shown conflicting results. Interestingly, a recent study by Harvard Business School, which analyzed 81 workplace studies, concluded that there is no clear correlation between work performance and years of experience. However, many hiring managers still hold the belief that experienced candidates perform better. Consequently, they raise the bar, seeking candidates with more years of experience to find their "unicorn" employees.

As a job seeker, it can be disheartening to see entry-level positions demanding years of experience. However, understanding the reasons behind this requirement can help you navigate the job market more effectively. Remember the fact that experience on job advertisement can be a hiring tactics due to internal limitation, not the sole determinant of successful hire. Focus on highlighting your transferable skills, showcasing your potential, and demonstrating adaptability. By emphasizing your value beyond years of experience, you can stand out from the competition and secure the job you deserve.